== Jeremy May- Leader==

Jeremy is the Current leader of the Dragon Knights. He has a deck that most people describe as OP (Over Powered). They are corect, his deck is OP., however, this is one of his greatest flaws. Even though his deck is OP this means at times he cant draw a good hand at the begining. But, this dose not stop him at all. He always pushes hard through to win his duels no matter what.

Deck: Warrior's TirumphEdit

His deck is super charged with some extraordinary cards. His deck leans toword his extra deck and summoning what he can from it. He is the "Warrior" because he uses mostly warriors such as Elemental Hero's.


He is a calm type of duelist. He uses all he can when he can. You never have to tell him to "Bring it on!" or "Show me what you got!" and "Is that it?" because you will know the awnser to your question before you even ask him. He would rather lose all of his Life Points than forfit a match. He never quits. He is a mixture of Yugi, Kaiba, Jaden and Joey. His favorite quotes he always says are

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