Colton's Sig. Card

Colton Strader- Co-Leader (2nd in command)== Colton is our 2nd in command of the Dragon Warriors. He is one of our most trusted members. He is also Jeremy's tag partner.

Deck: Dragon PowerEdit

Colton is a very up-beat duelist. He dosnt hesitate to bring an opponent down. If he enjoys a duel and feels a little sympathy for his opponent, he will give them a few extra turns. He uses the power of the dragons. This includes, Blue Eyes White Dragon, Red Eyes Black Dragon, Lightpulsar and Darkflare Dragon, and many more epic dragons. He loves to use his fusion dragons to take his opponent down.


Very lax, up-beat. He tends to be a little hyper when he's rocking a duel. He is one of the funnest people you can and will ever duel. Even after all these traits, when he gets serious, your now in for a world of pain.

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